~ Arte Visionario y Fantastico ~
P h oe n i x Hi ! S u r p r i s i n g
(objets d'art lengendaire "Phoenix et Arabeth")



(The Cannabis Goddess)
Signed & numbered Artists Proofs
Rare Collector's Edition

Queen of Inbetween

FOUND: 15 Artist Proofs of this (coincidentally) 15 color SERIGRAPH print, hand-pulled (by Phoenix) in San Francisco, 1986. It is a color rendering of an ink drawing done in 1974.

This is a stunning discovery because all the other existing Phoenix & Arabeth large giclee and other prints, and book stocks were destroyed by a freak flood in Ukiah in 2006. For reasons now forgotten these AP's had been squirreled away in an obscure location, and have finally come to light again just now. If you want one of these beauties, don't delay. They won't last long. Also the pricing is incremental, based on the desirability of lower numbers.

All are hand numbered and SIGNED in METALLIC GOLD INK. Includes Artists' Certificate of Authenticity. (not shown in the scans here. Also, of course, there is no web watermarking type on your collector's edition print.)

Image is approx 12" x 12" on fine-grain heavy art paper, sheet size approx. 18" x 20"

There were 100 copies in the regular edition, and 35 prints in the Signed-in-Silver edition (both sold out in the 80s). All those and the Artist Proofs now available were from the same (and only) silk screen printing of this image. The screens were cut up and pieces given with the Authenticity Certificate to the Signed-in-Silver edition collectors back in 1986-7. It was a huge undertaking at the time.

Queen of Inbetween

Queen of Inbetween . . Queen of Inbetween by Phoenix & Arabeth - phoenixsurprising.com

Queen of Inbetween
Image above shows the reflective quality of the
gold and silver metallic inks on headdress, face & star.


Numbers 11/15 - 15/15 $555
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We know these rare serigraph prints are for serious collectors.
But we want everyone to be able to receive the daily blessings
of the Cannabis Goddess, so we also offer
Queen of Inbetween as an 8x10" lithographic print.
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